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Poke Bowl

Choose your Base, up to 5 Veggies, your Protein, up to 3 Toppings, and 2 Sauces

Medium (4 Scoops) $12.95Large (6 Scoops) $14.95
Poke Bowl Base (Select 1):White Rice Brown Rice Sushi Rice Salad
Poke Bowl Veggies (Select 1-5):Sweet Onions Green Onions Sprouts Ginger Spicy Sprouts Sweet Corn Cucumber Red Cabbage Carrots Avocado +$1
Poke Bowl Protein (Select 1):Tuna Salmon Shrimp Crab Tofu Honey Garlic Tuna Honey Garlic Salmon Huna Tuna Huna Salmon Teriyaki Tuna Teriyaki Salmon Hawaiian Tuna Hawaiian Salmon Spicy Garlic Mayo Tuna Spicy Garlic Mayo Salmon Garlic Ponzu Tuna Garlic Ponzu Salmon Sweet & Spicy Tuna Sweet & Spicy Salmon
Poke Bowl Toppings (Select 1-3):Seaweed Salad Edamame Jalapeño Wasabi Pineapple Crispy Onion Furikake Hot Cheetos Chili Flakes
Poke Bowl Sauce (Select 1-3):Sesame Ponzu Eel Sauce Lava Sauce Wasabi Vinaigrette Spicy Mayo

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